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Where’s the PLUR…?


For a genre that embraces a mantra of Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect, there are desecrators of The Scene who delegitimize what we hold most sacred. PLUR has simply become Kandi-expressionism on our wrists—something to trade for a mask or cuff. While essential to the EDM experience, Kandi has assumed responsibility for the transference of those Good Vibes; but these four foundations extend beyond the bass-bouncing walls. They empower us to care for those less-fortunate in our communities, show universal respect, and to positively develop EDM as it constantly evolves.

Electronic Dance Music offers characteristics unfelt for nearly fifty years; only proving the evolutionary integration of music and peace. From 1969s Woodstock Music & Art Fair, to today’s Mysteryland (This year, being held on the same historical fairgrounds), we are witnessing the second-coming of events rooted in PLUR—forty-five years in the making.

In my previous article, I talked about breaking the barriers of genre. I have noticed an emergence of sub-cultures within The EDM Scene that ultimately alienate others—cliques—to a certain degree. One of the largest barriers in The Scene would be those on opposite sides of 21 years-old. Too often I read about the blame of an over-packed venue because of the temporary 18+ allowance. Wouldn’t we want ‘Younger’ ragers to keep the movement progressing? If we exclude the ‘Barely-legals,’ we wouldn’t have rising Artists such as: Martin Garrix, Madeon, Dyro, or Porter Robinson (As of last July), who are the next generation of Electronic Dance Music. After-all, Tiësto, Kaskade, and Armin van Buuren won’t live forever (As much as we want/need them to).

I have also noticed instigating arguments dejecting 18+ events due to the perceived under-21 percentage of overdoses. This could not be farther from the truth. Most recently, the six people who tragically overdosed while attending Kuala Lumpur’s Future Music Festival were between the ages of 21-28. While I agree that there are teenagers who show little narcotic-self-control, let’s not forget about those who are 21+, and unlimited, venue-assisted alcohol is thrown into the mix.

Pointing fingers across these barriers only produce results that will destroy the EDM we love. We need to remember that Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect are more than just Kandi around our bodies. So, instead of knocking out the next anti-rager who claims all EDM “Sounds the same,” hit them with some Kaskade, Above & Beyond, or even some Zedd.

Historically, many Artists exist in some clandestine-version of society in their time; often unrecognized until years after their passing. Perhaps, music is the artistic expression that allows us to recognize—and tribute—the Artists of our generation. We attend festivals all over the world that feature some of our favorite producers/DJs. From festival-season kick off—SXSW, to the season-ending Electric Zoo, there are many options to choose from. While the overall cost may restrict your raging to a select few venues, those few will without-a-doubt bring the PLUR back into your life.


Kandi Trade


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A revolution is in the air. Put your hands up high. Write it in the sky. A revolution is in the air. Side by side, we are one tonight.

        --Shermanology: Revolution of Love