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Tips to look trendy at this EDC!

EDC, commonly known as Electric Daisy Carnival, is one of the best and biggest electronic dance and music festivals in the world that takes place annually in Las Vegas. It is the largest electronic music festival held outside of Europe, and is popular as American lbiza since 2010.


Basic info on EDC


EDC became 2-day event in 2009 and a 3 day event in Las Vegas that drew 230,000 people in 2011. The event drew more than 400,000 people over 3 days in 2015. Organizers of EDC Vegas promised to reduce the wait so they open the doors 2 hours early for Wonderland 2008.


Electric Daisy Carnival is one of the biggest events to take place in Las Vegas. To attend thisEDCVegas event, people come from all over the world in exciting rave costumes, which often times have ecsquisite lighting.There’s always a huge variety of male and female rave costumes and outfits that thrillseekers embellish themselves with each year!



Hoe to look trendy at EDC

Enthusiasts wait for Electric Daisy Carnival anxiously and almost throng the space in the funky and colorful guys rave clothes. More than being an event, it is a festival that thousands of merrymakers from varied nations all across the globe celebrate at the same place. They dance to the tunes of rock and pop songs played with fabulous mixing. Computers and high tech gadgets further add essence to the occasion with power packed music mixing. Moreover, popular disk jockeys also take part in this Electric Daisy Carnival in rave costumes.


Lively music

Some vivid forms of music that do rounds in this party include:


  • Techno
  • Electronica
  • Trap
  • Trance
  • House and industrial


Electric Daisy Carnival has given electronic musicians the ability to mix elaborate and complicated music.It is like heaven for ardent music lovers and funky fashion freaks.The combination of rave costumes and thumping music takes the ravers and enthusiasts to a new level of highs, one might even say out of this world high!