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Beatport's Top Ten--Artist Profiles

Beatport’s Top Ten

For many of us, Beatport serves as our nucleus for everything associated with Electronic Dance Music and DJing. Celebrating its 10-year anniversary this past January, Beatport is fortified as the leading, online-music-store platform in the world. It is accessible in more than 230 countries, and provides DJs with the newest tracks (all across the spectrum: from headliners, to first-time producers) to feature in their sets. This week, we are embraced with fantastic, new tracks from some of the most decorated names in EDM. Here is an overview of Beatport’s current Top Ten:

Showtek10. Showtek, Ookay: “Bouncer” 

This week, Showtek has two bangers in Beatport’s Top Ten. Together with San Diego producer—Ookay, the Dutch brother-duo generated a track that perfectly resembles what we expect from a Showtek sound. Highlighting incredible synths associated with Showtek’s signature, “Bouncer” has a drop that forces you to do exactly that—bounce. Moving forward from their Label defining chart-topper—We Like To Party—“Bouncer” was released just in time for DJs to exhibit at this year’s Ultra Music Festival in Miami.


Eric Prydz 9. Eric Prydz: “Liberate” 

With no surprise, any new release from Prydz propels him into Beatport’s Top Ten. Featured within more than 100 Charts from Beatport’s Artist Playlists, “Liberate” is a perfect mixture of progressive house, and trance. After unveiling his revolutionary HOLO-Stage several weeks ago at UMF Miami, Eric Prydz proves his mastery yet again, of Electronic Music Production. Unbeknownst to some, he personifies several aliases, such as: Pryda (also branded as his newest Label), Cirez D, and A&P Project, to name three of his ten pseudonyms. Nicknamed the ‘Progressive Prince,’ Eric Prydz is honored among some of the greatest Electronic Music producers of our generation.

Fedde Le Grand8. Fedde Le Grand: “Don’t Give Up

Among a handful of producers whose stage-name parallels their birth-name, Fedde Le Grand has been producing Top-Ten bangers over the last 11 years. Le Grand is a guaranteed headliner at nearly every festival around the world; this year, unveiling six new records for UMF Miami (“Don’t Give Up” included). He earned an international audience from his “Put Your Hands Up  For Detroit” track that he released in 2006 under his Dutch Label—Flamingo Recordings.

Shiba San7. Shiba San: “Okay” 

This track features some great Retro-House sounds that unquestionably earn Shiba San a spot at number seven. After being released in February, “Okay” has suitably shuffled its way up Beatport’s Top 100. The deeply-reverberated voice is a unique characteristic that not only echoes in the track, but in our minds well after its six-minutes. Shiba San is only in his beginning stages of success, gaining a following after his December, Indie-Dance/Nu Disco banger—“Westside Connection.” Although his production background is in the Hip-Hop realm, San has impressively entered into the EDM Scene with his distinctive retro sound, making him a Deep-House favorite.

Hardwell6. Hardwell: “Everybody Is In The Place

There is little need to provide background of DJ Magazine’s newly re- appointed, Number One DJ in the world—Robbert van de Corput—or, Hardwell. It is claimed that the Dutch Electronic Dance Music Scene is the most difficult venue to acquire success. Perhaps, explaining why many of the World’s Greatest DJs are products of the hard-to-please, Dutch EDM Culture. The demand for innovative sounds and performances in the  Netherlands is so immense, that artists have needed to substantiate their  skills with more than just at-home/in-studio productions. DJs that have earned success in the Dutch Market are virtually guaranteed international notoriety; as a result, it is the trend-setting forecaster for the future of Electronic Dance Music. “Everybody Is In The Place” was a much-anticipated track of Hardwell’s Ultra Miami, festival-closing set.

Sander van Doorn and Firebeatz5. Sander van Doorn, Firebeatz: “Guitar Track

Released as an ID (unidentified artist(s)), “Guitar Track” achieved immediate international approval, despite its unknown creators. Accepting credit shortly prior to this year’s UMF Miami, Dutch producers: Sander van Doorn and Firebeatz (Tim and Jurre), came forth with a banger that had been previewed in nearly every DJ podcast weeks before its official release. Once again illustrating the immense talent produced by the Dutch EDM Scene, van Doorn and Firebeatz created a memorable build-up and drop that possess the qualities of a long-lasting set necessity. It’s upbeat, melodic elements demonstrate the work of true, Electronic Dance Music geniuses.

Armin van Buuren4. Armin van Buuren: “Ping Pong” 

Our Trance-God—Armin van Buuren—is no rookie of Beatport’s Top Ten. Producing genre-defining Trance since 1995, van Buuren possesses more than 40 international DJ awards, all-the-while, nominated for more than two- times that amount, in his enduring 18-year career. With his record-setting ‘A State of Trance’ radio broadcast, more than 20 million souls unite every Thursday in His Honor. ‘ASOT’ has been the premier network, presenting the world’s greatest Trance producers over the last 13 years. Granted an entire stage at many of the largest Electronic Music Festivals around the world, Armin—and his ‘ASOT’—have inspired the rise of an Uplifting/Progressive Trance that revolutionized the EDM expansion.

David Guetta and Showtek3. David Guetta, Showtek (feat. Vassy): “Bad” 

The 46 year-old French producer has done everything but decelerate in his 30-year Music Career. Having collaborated/produced for many of music’s Most Popular from across all genres, Guetta has teamed with the previously listed—Showtek, in creation of the track, “Bad.” As every Guetta Production has demonstrated, this track is pure perfection; with the addition of Showtek, this track was destined for Beatport’s Top Ten. “Bad” is Guetta’s second, chart-topping release in 2014 to grace the Top Ten.

Ummet Ozcan2. Ummet Ozcan: “Raise Your Hands” 

Another Dutch producer in the Top Ten, Ummet Ozcan has established a magnificent career in the World of EDM. His career amplified in 2009, releasing tracks under Sander van Doorn’s Spinnin’ Records sub-label—Doorn, and Reset. “Raise Your Hands” possesses the inimitable sound Ozcan has developed throughout his career. In addition to his music production, Ummet has developed several software programs, designing new synths and soundbanks. He is currently developing a synthesizer—Genesis Pro—but, withholding every detail to leave us anticipatorily guessing. His (2013) collaborations with R3hab and W &W entered into nearly-every platform’s Top Ten.

Oliver $ 1. Oliver $, Jimi Jules (feat. The  Quantic Soul Orquestra): “Pushing  OnJimi Jules

This week’s number one track is a collaborated  production from the Berlin-House, and Swiss DJs.  Oliver $ is notably recognized from his (2012)  Track of the Year: “Doin Ya Thang,” whereas Jimi Jules, for his (2013) EP “Earl,” on the Swiss Label—Hive Audio. This chart-topper is stacked with Deep-House, Jazz-esque sounds, enchanting your body to continually shuffle.



DJ Highlight:

This week, we are privileged to feature New York DJ—Dave Sirota. Known by his performing-name, Youngblood, the 17 year-old DJ from Upstate New York, has devoted the past two years honing his craft. Dave was introduced to the EDM Scene shortly after launching his DJ career, instantaneously falling in love with all-things EDM and PLUR. Experiencing the passionate emotions representative of the EDM Culture, Dave developed an even greater appreciation for Electronic Dance Music. He is currently partnered with ‘No ID Events,’ and is a Resident DJ for Stage 48 in New York City.


Check out his SoundCloud for a Preview of his upcoming set at Stage 48: