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What's the best part of a rave? Many would argue music, the lights, or venue locations.... I'd argue that the people you meet are what make or break a rave, and their exciting clothing!  Read on to discover some of the hottest rave clothing trends in the scene right now!

Today's Hottest Rave Clothing Trends

Going to a rave can be an exhilarating, magical experience.  The music, the lights, the workshops, the interesting people… all of these factors help contributes to a delightful rave experience.  Yet, if I had to argue, I would say that my favorite part of a rave is seeing the interesting rave clothing that people put together.  Fashion trends are always changing and subjective to opinion, but there are a few steadfast movements that have permeated rave culture.

Rave clothing


Ladies' Must-Have

First, in my opinion the standard raving must-have item for girls is a pair of rave fluffies.  What are fluffies, you might ask. “Fluffies” at their most basic are a style of fur-based, soft, fluffy leg warmers.  They hit just below the knee with an elastic band, and widen out as they go towards the floor.  They’re pretty comfortable, and usually run one-size fits most, but many times they can be ordered to specific sizes and lengths. They can be worn with fishnets, leggings, or with nothing at all and let me tell you, they come in every color under the sun.  They’re fun, soft to the touch, and get anyone in the mood to party.  Matching them to outfits, tutus, swimsuits, or winter coats (snowball, anyone?) can be quite comical for the wearer, and for the observers.

Rave Fluffies


Dred-ful Accessories

Another trend I’ve noticed at raves includes LED hats, neck ties, watches, and other jewelry.  This seems pretty general, but people get very intricate with their LED accessories.  I’ve seen some crazy hats made out of all sorts of materials, but a particular accessory really stuck out to me at my last rave.  One word: cyberfalls. These are usually made out colored soft fabric (if in hat form), and have long, dred-like extensions that are sewn on and “fall” down past shoulder length.  These dreds can be brightly colored, light up, and are sometimes extremely long. Other versions include pairs of clip-on dred bun covers, or ones that are made of different materials or fake hair.  The “cyber” trend in general has taken off, and other accessories that are becoming more prevalent include LED Goggles, Gas Masks, and anything that feels sort of “steam-punk” or gothic with an infusion of neon rave love. 


Keep Your Face Hidden

Another prominent trend in the male arena of rave clothing is the creating and wearing hand-made kandi masks.  Now, Kandi are the bracelets that are made and traded at a rave under the notion of PLUR, and can come in unlimited variations and styles. Both guys and gals like to trade kandi, but I’ve noticed more and more men making kandi bracelets, and more recently, these insane masks.  These masks are either simple or absurdly intricate.  They range in color and style as well, and people often create them as theme pieces for specific outfits.  This dude? He’s Sonic. Right on.

Sonic Kandi

Gettin' Funky in Your...?

My absolute favorite trend these days is a little absurd itself, but I find it to be one of the most fun and freeing rave trends in ages. Any guesses? That’s right! I love the newfound “onesie” trend.  People have been raging all kinds of onesies at shows these days, from costumes to straight-up pajamas.  At the forefront of the onesie movement rests one of my favorite artists: The Polish Ambassador. With all of his music prices set at donation, check out his ethereal, funkadelic style and prepare yourself for some awesomeness. His latest tour, titled “Gettin' Funky in Your Onsie,” stemmed from a serious appreciation for the power of love that a onesie has, and brings to a crowd.  Just look at this picture, filled with the faces of real, honest onsie joy. I can’t get enough of this trend. 

TPA Tour

No matter what you wear to a rave, you’re going to have a damn good time.  Let your wild side show, and rock that purple dinosaur suit you've had hidden in your closet for ages. I know you want to.