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Tomorrowland 2014: We Hold The Key Of Tomorrow


People of Tomorrow…


There is no mistaking that deep, baritone Voiceover wishing to tell us a story. Reminiscent of many childhood fairytales and animated epics, our anonymous narrator tempts us into his world with secrets of a ‘magical key.’ The key’s inventor, a man destined to unlock happiness, used his creation for the good of the people. The story continues: a beautiful woman, peacefully wandering the forest, stumbles upon this magical key—submerged beneath a shallow creek; as per our legend, only to those of purest heart will the key unlock. Simultaneously, she grasps the key as a mystical wind travels through the forest—clearing a path for harmonious convergence between man and beast. The story concludes as the beautiful woman rests atop a galloping white horse, moving in direction of an immaculate, steampunk-designed Main Stage.


Best Music EventCelebrating its ten year anniversary, this year, Tomorrowland will rage over two consecutive weekends. The fifteen stage festival, and winner of the IDMAs (International Dance Music Awards) ‘Best Musical Event’ since 2012, has facilitated the experience of a lifetime for nearly half-a-million people (And that’s only ticket sales! Don’t forget about live-stream…). Fashioned from the ultimate rave-minds of those responsible for Mysteryland and Sensation, Tomorrowland has been the ultimate showcase for grandeur stage design, paired with an equally extravagant lineup of the best DJs in the Scene. Forget about DJ Mag’s Top 100 popularity contest, rankings hold no weight with this festival’s fifteen different stages (41 different stage hosts), featuring a little something for even the Deadmau5-iest critics of the Scene.


I imagine opening the Tomorrowland Treasure Case is like beginning a game of Jumanji. The excitement of travel, yet anxiety of the unknown, leave you with only one option—close your eyes, roll the dice, and hope to get trapped in the ‘game’ with Robin Williams. It is the dream of many Tomorrowland People to find love in the hills (and tents) of Belgium; and now, connections won’t be missed with Tomorrowland’s Facebook integration component of the bracelet. Simply, adjust the bracelet to your wrist, and it’s as if an entire universe reveals itself before your eyes. If you too were thinking of what could possibly be cooler than the already-existent, self-driving car, Tomorrowland’s new bracelet technology will now be connected with your personal Facebook account, to ensure lost phones and sweat-smudged arms don’t continue to be inanimate co**-blocks.


Message to the WorldJust as Festival Season reaches its summer climax, ragers from across the world will put aside uncomfortable cultural boundaries, and unite in Belgium this weekend (and next)—as a symbol of Global Unity. To artistically signify this societal triumph, Tomorrowland will construct a wooden bridge—each panel engraved with a personal message from any-and-all who wish to contribute. This installation will also act as tribute for a decade of unity in the World of Tomorrow.


DreamvilleAdditionally, perhaps, one of the most magnificent features attributed to Tomorrowland: Dreamville. Although, not yet experienced for myself, Dreamville camping during the festival is paramount for those in search of an inspirational transformation. Considered its very own City, Dreamville is a home-away-from-home for 35,000 festivalgoers on the Tomorrowland Grounds of Boom, Belgium. For the lucky few able to reserve a spot, there are package options for any size group of campers: from a modest one-person Easy Tent Pack, to the extravagant Mansion Pack—pampering twelve people with Champagne, a fully furnished kitchen and living room, and your very own private bathroom.


Dimitri Vegas & Like MikeIf all of the above features were not enough to convince you of Tomorrowland’s perfection, there’s always that lineup doe. With fourteen stages, 150+ DJs, 41 Stage Hosts, two weekends, and 400,000+ ragers, there will be no shortage of electric feels. On Friday’s Main Stage, the can’t-miss set will likely originate from the CDJs of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. DV & LM have become the face of Tomorrowland since last year’s epic set from the DJ brothers at the inaugural TomorrowWorld in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia. Conceding to their relatively-uneven partnership, everything about their persona mimics their memorable big-room beats heard throughout the vast expanse of Dutch forest; all of which, contributing to their #6 ranking in DJ Mag’s Top 100. Expected from the brothers this year, are some huge drops from their collaborations with Martin Garrix, DVBBS, and Borgeous.


Lineup Weekend 1Moving slightly aside from the Main Stage, the Super You & Me and Doorn Records Stages will have some insane sets bouncing from: D.O.D, Blasterjaxx, and Laidback Luke; to Dannic, Sander van Doorn, and The Lord of The Trance (Tommy Trash). Speaking of Trance, Sunday’s Legends of Trance Stage will highlight pioneers of the genre: Markus Schulz, Cosmic Gate, and Paul van Dyk.


There is no doubt that every set of Tomorrowland will be memorable in its own way. On an even more positive note: it does not seem to be the year for excessive accusations of pre-recorded sets! With the number of talented headliners increasing every month, and whatever logic became an industry standard for astronomically-high ticket prices, DJs will be stepping up their game this year—even Hardwell (fingers crossed).


Check back next week for a recap of Weekend 1 of Tomorrowland 2014! AND what to expect from Weekend 2!