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Check out our list of things you need for Electric Zoo!

Things To Not Forget For Electric Zoo 2014


Resultant from immense media scrutiny over drug-related deaths throughout the Dance Music Scene, organizers of Electric Zoo have now enforced a mandatory screening for their anti-drug campaign, prior to activating one’s entrance bracelet. This should be of little shock, especially to those familiar with the festival’s ‘crackdown’ rumors earlier this year—to expect Police Canine searches throughout the festival-grounds of New York City’s Randall’s Island Park. The self-inflicted rumors successfully warded off unappreciative partygoers, many of whom would increase the risk of repeating last year’s early cancellation. When these rumors were initially released, the incurrent fear was sufficient for media outlets to recognize the Scene’s positive evolution. Since then (and the festival has not even begun), their bluff was called—showing an empty hand, with little left to gamble; and had it not been for the most recent tragedies from Mad Decent Block Party, Veld, and Electric Adventure, there would have been little consequence for Ezoo’s discredited rumors. Since we (and apparently Electric Zoo) do not wish to deliberate in hypotheticals, it was perfectly logical to publicize a mandatory standard of conduct in order to enter their world; because in the eyes of mainstream media, and their view of Electronic Dance Music: no news is good news.

Ok; so now that all of you have probably watched the two-minute Public Service Announcement about the dangers of drugs in the rave scene, we wanted to compile a list of items to bring that will ensure the greatest festival experience of your summer (and that will get you through anticipatorily-extensive security).

Mini Tiered Red PetticoatIt won’t be a true music festival if not for the girls trying to get a better view of their favorite DJs atop the shoulders of a bro. With a flirty smile, and incredible (less is more) outfit, that’s pretty much all it takes to get yourself the best view for the greatest beats of the summer. Although Borgore won’t be performing this year, there’s still reason to honor #bootyforborgore.

CamelbackYes, it can become a little obtrusive in your shuffle, but it will save your life. No one enjoys leaving the stage during their favorite DJs set to get a refill; and it’s pretty difficult to keep track of the time it takes throughout the day to find a water station with a line 100-ravers deep. Make sure to decide if you want to buy one with pockets, because if you do: you’ll find yourself carrying all of your friends’ pocket possessions all weekend.

Rainbow Vinyl Shades with White FramesWith temperatures beginning to cool down, we are reminded that summer is nearing its conclusion. Rather than squinting for the eight hours of daylight, why not bring a pair of shades that help you bring out the creative raver in you (and hide any dilated pupils). Also, consider bringing a pair of diffraction glasses—for when the sun goes down, and the lasers strobe across the stage.

Tutti Fruity Rainbow Flower Crown HeadbandFor all of the Flower Child Hippie Chicks out there. There seems to be an unwritten tradition of donning an awesome flower crown for any summer festival. It accentuates your creativity, and will keep your hair in check when you drop it low in the Hilltop Arena and Beatport Riverside stages.

Cookie Monster Blue fluffies with TinselLast year, it seemed that the Despicable Me Minions were all over the rave scene. This year, Cookie Monster is taking over. Seen in festivals and raves around the world, many people have found masks, shirts, and now fluffies! It may be just another ‘wet, hot, American Summer,’ but fluffies have become a necessity in the wardrobe for every female raver.

Pink Chocolate Tie Dye Flower Kandi with Disco BeadsRavers live by one code: Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect—PLUR. Signifying this pact between ravers, Kandi has become its symbol. One of the best parts about Kandi is the fact that many of the bracelets you see are made by hand, by dedicated PLUR Babies. The PLUR ‘Handshake’ seals the deal between two people in a trade of their works of art. For the extremely talented Kandi Kraftsmen: bracelets are their smallest accessory, as arm-covering cuffs have moved into the scene’s creative community.

RaveAid quickfix packetsAs we mentioned in the introduction, maintaining good health is of vital importance—before, during, and after, each festival and rave. In addition to remaining hydrated, RaveAid helps your body replenish your weakened immune system from lack of sleep and poor diet over each weekend. It is also said to help with post-festival depression, likely from simply having the best (sober) time of your life.