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Didn't find the perfect Halloween Outfit yet? We have what you're missing!

Halloween Rave Outfits and Costumes


This week’s Rave Article is dedicated to all of our female ravers. Rave-Nation knows the struggle of finding the right Halloween costume, and we want to help you! Here are some of our sexiest Halloween Outfits that will make every haunted house sweat:

 Our Furry Tiger Outfit is an absolute necessity for those of whom are all about the orange and black color scheme of Halloween. Our hand selected outfit comes with a furry, black and orange mini-skirt—with a top to match! In addition, we included a furry spirit hood and fluffies (optional) to accessorize your sexy tiger outfit. And yes, they match too!








For the ladies who want to show who’s in charge, our Sexy Pimp Costume will make an even bolder statement. The one-piece dress will keep you stayin’ classy, yet, reveals just enough to own the eyes. A furry, pink leopard print edging of the dress (Collar and Skirt) completes your sexy authenticity. We also paired a matching Pimp Hat and Furry Leg Warmers to show off at your Halloween rave!









Rave-Nation also knows that some of you may already have an outfit in mind. Therefore, we want to bring you the perfect accessory options to contrast your sexy rave attire!

Similar to the fluffies that match our Furry Tiger Outfit, these Perseus Furry Leg Warmers are the perfect fuzzy accessory for the orange-and-black-themed Halloween rave. The black, Lycra knee bands help the layers of black fur stand out, and keep you looking sexy.









If you are looking to become the life of the party, light up your haunted house with our LED Spooky Fluffies, specially designed for Halloween raving! Only requiring two (2) AA Batteries, these incredible fluffies won’t weigh your legs down when you shuffle to your favorite House track.









We’re certain you already know about the magic of diffraction glasses, but just in case your pair broke at TomorrowWorld, we wanted to bring you eight (8) different color options to wear for your Halloween rave. With a bowl of Lucky Charms, not only will you taste the rainbow, we’ll help you see it too!









Rave-Nation also knows the importance of functionality that often goes unattended with the sexiest of outfits. These Steampunk Rave Goggles are see-through, so you are able achieve your ideal look, and allow for long-term, continuous wear! The strap is adjustable to ensure every raver can cyber-rave their way through miles of haunted cornfields.








There is a trend amidst the rave community in appreciation of Steampunk Gas Masks—and we are fully invested in its continuation (and growth!). We bring you our blue/grey mask, with your choice of LED cartridges! We have six (6) color choices for your LED cartridge, AND the availability to add an extra cartridge to your order!









When we heard about Phantom of the Opera-themed Halloween Masquerades, there was no doubt a need for a Venetian-Style Mask. Gold detail compliments the mystique and class for the U-shaped mask, all of which make this both comfortable and sexy. This is even perfect for those lucky enough to travel south to New Orleans for Halloween (AND Mardi Gras)!









Diplo may not see the beauty in Kandi…but we do! Our Kandi beads are so unique, we guarantee every raver will want to trade. These beads are larger than most, and have an incredibly psychedelic reaction to black light. Be sure to add these to your newest bracelet!









These Disco Kandi beads were such a huge hit from our Flower Headbands, we had to bring them to you for your own bracelets! Choose five (5), ten (10), or more for your ultimate Halloween wrist-accessory necessity!









New to Rave-Nation, our Fishnet Arm Warmers come in a variety of colors to complete any outfit or costume. These UV Orange cuffs are perfect for Halloween parties around the globe!










So, you got your top-half covered, but don’t forget about your bottom-half! Our Fishnet Hold-Ups are available in eight (8) different colors to compliment every possible rave outfit. They are sized to fit nearly every raver for the most comfortably sexy fashion statement.