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Choose wisely while picking a rave outfit !! 

Finding a cool rave outfit and gear could be (though it is not) simple to some extent, but buying the one that fits you perfectly, and compliments your look and confidence is surely not effortless task. If your dress does not fit you, especially when you are at a rave party, where there are so many people around making you uncomfortable, things might turn embarrassing sometimes.


If the dress you are going to choose is too loose, it will not highlight your body, just the way you want it to; and if it will be too tight, you will not feel comfortable in it; and both will lower the confidence level of the fun loving creature inside you.


Here are a few tips that you can follow to augment your appeal at the party –


  • If you are a lady with narrow thin shoulders and wide hips and buttocks, or in short you possess a pear body shape, you should choose the dresses that do not tighten up at your waistline. You can choose a strapless loose waist (empire) dress.

  • If the upper parts of your body are wider than the lower parts, you possess a triangular body shape. For raves, you can pick rave tops or sexy unicorn costume, with vertical stripes. Vertical lines will make you look taller.

  • If your shoulders and waist/hips are of same measurements, your body shape is hourglass type. Ideally, we don’t really find women with such a perfect figure. Typically, any dress will look good on you. Though, you can enhance your allure at the party by using sporting a funky rave gear like LED goggles or furry boot covers.