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Trending this week: Deadmau5 brings hometown Mayor, Rob Ford, along in his newest Coffee Run YouTube Webisode to Tim Hortons Drive-Through.

Mayor Rob Ford Buckles Up With Deadmau5 For A Crack-less Coffee Run


Perhaps the most obvious update circulating the Dance Music Scene relates to a multi-weekend, Tomorrowland recap; or Porter Robinson’s newest single released from his upcoming Worlds album, “Flicker” (don’t worry, full-length article to be found Aug. 14). In hopes of bringing you the most current headlines from around The Scene, we detail the latest Coffee Run of Deadmau5 and Toronto Mayor—Rob Ford.

Rob Ford and Deadmau5 Coffee RunIt is not an ordinary week unless there’s talk of a new Deadmau5 Twitter troll, or any controversial statement quoted from the Canadian DJ/Producer. In hilarious, (yet, seemingly ironic) respect to his dedicated social media followers, Zimmerman welcomed hometown Mayor—Rob Ford—as he squeezed into the notorious Ferrari for Thursday’s Coffee Run. Prior to their ‘meeting of the minds’ of philosophical and political discourse, fellow Mau5 trolls were given a teaser as to the newest guest in a twit-pic from the Master Troll, himself. Frequently spotted in direction of a Tim Hortons drive-through, the Controversial Canadian entertains loyal fans in his popular web series—which acts as dashboard confessional in a high-speed excursion throughout the streets of Toronto—with Zimmerman as driver, and in-town DJ friend(s) as passenger.

Rob FordIf the name sounds familiar, yet you can’t quite place your finger as to the reason, Mayor Rob Ford made international headlines in admission of smoking a ‘little’ crack (though, no big deal; he was drunk). Released on his YouTube Channel, after what we can only assume required contracts detailing topics of which to avoid, Deadmau5’ Mayoral Carpool began in Toronto’s City Hall Parking Lot. Concealed alike true party-professionals, it was unclear whether this Coffee Run could also be categorized as an authentic, Canadian Burn Run. Either way, we learned a great deal of Canadian trivia from their caffeinated cruise.

Doug FlutieFirst, and most unimportantly, Canadian Football teams are comprised of equal halves: American (Import) and Canadian (Non-Import) players (thank you Doug Flutie for somewhat-legitimizing American Football’s bastardized homage). Secondly, in Canada’s tri-level system of government, Mayor Ford is responsible for: sidewalks, traffic lights, roads, parks, trees, garbage, and “Pretty much everything you can visually see.” Furthermore, amidst several near-accidents with Zimmerman behind the wheel, Ford jokes that, if driving, he’d be “Toast in one of these;” yet, they should go to his cottage to ‘open-up’ the engine.

Canadian Loonies and TooniesNot being a coffee-drinker, there was a Starbucks-esque level of hilarious absurdity in the coffee order from the two celebrities: for Mau5—an extra-large double-double, and for Mayor Rob ‘Partylord’ Ford—five shots of expresso, in one cup. One of the funniest dialogues of the drive appeared as Ford explicitly calls attention to paying for his own order, “I can’t have anyone pay, they’ll freakin’ kill me.” Although not as authoritarian as the NCAA, it was nice to see the Toronto taxpayers’ loonies and toonies not used for a crack-hit equivalent of the Mayor’s daily caffeine intake.

Rob Ford Phone Number MagnetPrior to publication of Mayor Ford’s drug-and-alcohol-dependency struggles, his notoriety was of no affect for us in The States. However, if any positivity can be recognized from his ignominious misfortune, it would be in his humanizing characteristics scarcely exposed by the majority of Elected Officials. Granted, many of us would prefer our Representatives to have not smoked crack while in Office, media spotlight (and specifically this Coffee Run) has shown many incredible features the Mayor of Toronto brings to his city. Most shockingly, Ford willingly advertises his home phone number on magnets, for constituents to contact him with any problems or concerns (I know my mayor doesn’t hand that out!). Additionally, the Mayor returns every phone call personally, even “Returning calls ‘till midnight, if that’s what it takes.”

Eating While DrivingI enjoyed watching the Mayor become so passionate when discussing the controversial issues of texting while driving. Followed by subtle PSAs, Ford lightened the topic in discussion of eating while driving—an unconventional amendment (potentially) that is “A big problem.” Joking aside, the Mayor divulges that he “Likes getting rid of the rules,” generating an uninhibited freedom and trust for his constituents. As the 30-minute Coffee Run neared its close, we learned a little more about the Toronto Mayor, in his love for racing boats, salmon fishing (not in the Yemen), and the game of Risk; also, his hatred for golf.

Rob Ford Approval RatingsIn the petal-flooring conclusion of the webisode’s final minute, Mau5 and Ford laugh as they accelerate back into the garage—coffees in hand. In all honesty, I admire Mayor Ford for his willingness to indulge Deadmau5, and his fans, with a Coffee Run; moreover, lowering his political guard in display of a comfortably candid, easygoing personality—rarely seen from our politicians. I believe Ford administrates with his constituents’ best interests at heart, and deserves a deeper respect than the newly-acquired label as the ‘crack-smoking mayor.’ Illustrated through his political successes, Ford’s private-life indiscretions are a result of increased scrutiny; and when you look relentlessly enough, faults can be found in even those perceived most righteous. While Zimmerman’s critiques of the Electronic Dance Music Scene continue, and Rob Ford remains in Toronto’s Mayoral Office, we recommend one thing: buckle up, and enjoy the high-speed ride around the pothole-riddled Toronto streets—en route to Tim Hortons.



**Apologetically, some of the above statements may construe negative connotations pertaining to Canada and its political representation; in fact, none was intended. I/We LOVE Canada. Here in the United States, we would be lacking as a Dance Music Nation without their bacon, beats, and good vibes, immersed throughout The Scene.


Watch the Coffee Run and see for yourself!