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Add-on to your looks with Light up ties, leg warmers & goggles !! 


For zealous men who keep fashion on point but are tired of looking for variation within limited choices, light up attire like ties, leg warmers and goggles suit you amicably. The recent trends in the fashion world depict this phenomenon in a most striking manner.


Light up ties

 The long and resplendent light up ties are the most stylish ties a male could wear in almost any occasion. These uniquely designed attire are available for grab by fashion enthusiasts in a range of colors, patterns and styles. 


Light up leg warmers

Traditioinally, dancers used to wear these warmers to maintain stability and thermoregulation during long rehearsals. However, with the popularization of dance movies like Fame, Footloose and Flashdance, these outfits are now the latest fashion trend. Ever since the 1980's, light up leg warmers keep on making their appearance in into the closets of men as well as women. Today, there are light up leg warmers even for kids, which stands as a testimony of their continued relevance.

Light up goggles

While thinking of light up goggles, you may start to think of video games or action movies, but in reality these goggles are now a fashion statement that stand on their own. They often find their religious use during steampunk parties and festivals such as burning man, or as complimentary stage props or haloween costume outfit accessories. These goggles look great at night and have super bright LED’s that flash and blink to make your outfit stand out.