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Flaunt your cool rave accessories !! 

The combination of cool themes, costumes and the music, are more than enough to set the tone of a memorable rave party. But wait! Are you wearing something trendy for the event? If not, then why don’t you check out some cool costume accessories like fiber optic whips, fur leg warmers, light up gas masks, fuzzy animal hats, and more.


Fiber optic whips


The fiber optic technology has gone through some massive evolutions. It remained the exclusive wonder of the laser labs and scientists for a long time. However, today it’s used all around us, from children's toys to fiber optic pool lights, and fiber optic whips!



Fur leg warmers


These outfit accessories are ultimate for teaming up with jeans, particularly if you have a colorful sweater that matches or complements the color of your leg warmers. Smart ankle boots with neat heels complete the look, giving you a stylish appearance.Fur leg warmers are a multipurpose addition to any woman's wardrobe that you can wear all year long.



Light up gas mask


The light up gas mask raises the magnificence of your Cyberpunk, Steampunk or Gothic rave wear collection. These respirators make for an awesome costume accessory that help you set the mood for your next rave party.



Fuzzy animal hats


Be stylish and trendy with our Fuzzy animal hats. Wear them inside or out, and they will keep you warm when you need it most. These will provide you with the stylish headgear you’ve always wanted to go with your garb. Made with stylish long pyle faux fur, these super soft animal hats will give you the vogue to your outfit.