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What exactly is PLUR? Why do so many people seem to be under the spell of this cultural phenomenan sweeping the nation? Click to read more on this lifestyle, and influence your community in a positive way.

What exactly is PLUR?

Back in the early days of Electronic Dance Music, a glorious rave god named Frankie Bones descended into his New York homeland after a stint in the European underground, the birth-land of EDM. He brought with him a mantra that has evolved and spread rapidly, uniting people across the board under four universal ideas. Urban dictionary defines PLUR as, “The lifestyle concept of Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. Originated in a speech by NYC DJ Frankie Bones early in the history of raves, its undefined dogma of camaraderie for all humanity has been adopted by many ravers as an attempted lifestyle.” In this famous speech (in the electronic world, anyways) Frankie said: 'We as a community need to observe PLUR in our everyday lives; the reason we love the people around us is because we all love the music, and so we should try to reach beyond that and embrace our fellow man." (taken from

This notion has pushed people to seek unity and community in the same way that hippies at Woodstock pushed for peace and love in their daily lives. There are tons of resources available online about promoting Plur, and is a great place to learn more about what it means to live daily by PLUR. This startup charity organization takes the idea of embracing each other to a new level—by helping fund local grassroots movements. PlurAlliance has several programs either in place or in development, or provide funding to existing city programs. These include programs like PLUR Angels, the first part of a developing rave safety program where the “angel” attends raves and shows to keep others safe. They carry backpacks with water, tons of ear plugs, and basic first aid kits. They spend the entire show totally sober, wandering the crowd and making sure that everyone is having a safe, fun night to remember. The angel is also well versed in the venue and its available resources, and they work to build a community at shows that helps one another have the best time possible. Based in San Francisco, PlurAlliance also works to provide resources to homeless and at risk youths through an existing local grassroots program called Larkin Street Youth Services. They are still in the early stages of many of their program developments, but still fundraise and donate directly to this organization. 

This type of work is what PLUR is all about. Plur was never intended to be just a saying, something quaint and cute to yell across a dance hall. Plur is about community, and building a world in which we all want to live together. 

So for all you electronic enthusiasts out there, remember to 

Keep it Peaceful. 

Keep it Loving. 

Live with Unity,

and Respect the music, your fellow ravers, and all the plants and creatures of the world. Give back to your community. Embrace your fellow man.

We’re all mad here, so make the best of it together… and live by PLUR.