Windproof Lighter Watch Electric Coil

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Windproof Lighter Watch so you can light up in any weather conditions! The watch has a simple Micro USB port and includes a cable so you can charge it in your office, car, on the fly, or at home! The watch face is Approx 1 3/4'' Acrross and weighs a mere 3 oz. The wristband is made of rubber and is very comfortable for almost anyone, one size fits most! With a wristband width of less than 1'' it should fit you just right! Simply slide the watch out to expose the lighter coil and light up. The Built in safety mechanism will automatically shut the coil down after about 10 seconds so you won't need to worry about accidently exposing the hot coil to your valuables. The battery Lasts a long time and charges fully in about 2 hours. Use any DC5v <3000MA Charger with the included cable to be ready for the day! Package includes: 1 X Quartz Windproof Lighter Watch 1 X USB charge cable (6 inch)

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