UV Reactive Fiber Optic Bow Tie

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This amazing White poly-blended special fabric contains fiber optic lights controlled by a small and easily hide-able.

This tie is powered by a rechargeable battery pack (micro USB) that will last between 3-7 hours depending on modes used. (Red light uses the least power, White light uses the most) The battery pack is small and tucked away behind the tie still allowing it to fit flat against your chest.

The button on the battery pack attached to the tie will turn on the tie and filter through these modes:
Solid Red
Solid Green
Solid Blue
Solid White
Solid Turquoise
Solid Pink
Fast Flashing White
Fast Smooth Color Change Mode
Fast Flashing Color Change Mode
Demo Mode

Wanna know how big it is? Well we brought out the measuring tape! Approximately 6'' from end to end. The bowtie's Flare is approximately 3'' tall The center is apporximately 1'' in height.

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