Tripz and Micromax Micro Lights

Glove Lights

These Micro Lights are perfect for light shows! Pick between Tripz or Micromax cases and also choose your light combinations!. Choose from 1, 2, or 3 colored lights which come in either a Strobe effect (creates dots when in motion) or Ribbon (solid line in motion) OR our special Xfusion lights which slowly change colors between the listed colors as you play with them! These bright lights are high quality and sure to give you a trip during your next rave! Also Available are the new 6 mode lights!!!!

The Modes are:

Mode 1: Strobe 3 colors

Mode 2: Strobe Fade through colors

Mode 3: Strobe all on

Mode 4: Long Strobe color #1

Mode 5: Long Strobe color #2

Mode 6: Long Strobe color #3

Know that this listing is for AN Individual light, If you'd like to order these in higher quantities, than please check out our gloveset listings. If you need a quantity larger than 10 lights, please use our Contact form and we'll sort out a larger order!


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