Baby Blue Fluffy Leg Warmers with Purple Tips

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The New Tipped Fluffy Leg Warmers are so simple but look so good!! For those of you who want just a simple splash of color with your fluffy leg warmers, look no further. These fluffy leg warmers come with a base color of BABY BLUE and tip color of PURPLE with BABY BLUE Kneebands. These fluffy leg warmers are made of very soft and beautiful long-pile fur, and will glow bright in Black Light The Kneeband is made of high quality lycra fabric. These fluffy leg warmers are made to order, just for you! This means they may take up to 5 days to ship and are then imported. Although most leg warmers are delivered in around 1 week, due to customs they could take up to 3 weeks. They are definitely worth the wait though for the price and quality!

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