Sound Proofing Blankets

Sound Proofing blankets

These Blankets are an excellent way to reduce or even eliminate echo and reverberation! These blankets are perfect for soundproofing large areas affordably, and very cheap for small areas such as a bedroom or apartment. How we have used them We were throwing a dance in a large metal building. The building had terrible insulation and even worse sound quality. Just a normal conversation would echo uncontrollably. It was obviously the wrong place to use a 6400 Watt Sound System pushing at a steady 100 db, but it was the perfect building for a dance! So to fix the sound issue we used these blankets. Two dozen of them about head level in a rectangular shaped building with a floor space of approximately 3000 sq ft. ECHO no more! They worked exactly how we wanted them too. Being that they are very thick blankets we were worried they would be of poor aesthetic value, but we arranged them neatly with only the black side showing, and to our surprise they actually looked very nice. They are a perfect way to cut sound AFFORDABLY! Product Specifications Size - 72” x 80” (6’ x 6’ 8”) (39.96 Sq ft / Blanket) Weight - 7.9 lbs / blanket Quality - Quilted and Woven Color - Black with white stitching on one side, White on opposite side Quantity Pricing (INCLUDING SHIPPING EMAIL US FOR DETAILS) 6-11 - 21.95 / Blanket 1-2 Dozen - 20.95 / Blanket 3 Dozen+ - Email Us at

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