Solid Color Fake Shag Fur By the Yard - 1 Yard

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This fantastic fur is very vibrant and luxurious, it will make your next project one to be proud of! Faux fur is an amazing way to build outfits that you want to be full of color, style, and so so fluffy!

Fabric Details:

Made from 100% Synthetic Materials (No Animals!)

Width: 60''

Pile Length: 3''

No Stretch

Sold in Continuous Yards

Cleaning And Care Instructions:

This fabric should not be washed in a washing maching. If you need to clean it simply hand clean with a lightly dampened towel, let the fur dry out and re-fluff. The fur will shed a little bit at first, so we advise that when you get it you shake it vigorously to get all of the loose fibers out.

Additional Info:

This is for 1 yard of fur, if you order more than one quantity than it will come in continuous yardage unless otherwise specified. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries or special requests!

Fur is very hard to get an image that is 100% True to the colors of the fabric. We've tried our best to accurately represent the vivid colors, and we assure you that each fur has a deep and vibrant color. If you're doing a big project and need to know exactly what color our fur is, contact us an we can arrange a sample swatch

Any of the furs with the following colors are UV Reactive and will illuminate brightly under a black-light:

Neon Yellow

Hot Pink



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