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Cartridge warning
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Green LED Gas Mask
Tunnel LED Gas Mask
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LED Respirator Gas Mask- Double Tank

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Get some of the most unique gas masks here. The gas masks are made out of black plastic and has adjustable elastic straps for a comfortable but secure fit. With these double tanked gas masks you can change out the tanks so you can buy more than one style. The double tanked ones have 2 tanks that easily screw on and off. The LED gas masks use bright leds and have 4 different color modes (Alternating, back and forth, blinking, and rotating). There are easy to find on/off switches on each tank so you can have 2 different modes going on each one. Despite their look, they are very easy to breath out of. Add a little hardcore style to your gas mask by adding spikes too!

The plasma gas masks are touch/sound sensitive. While on the touch sensitive mode the electric lines will follow your finger around. To change modes simply press the button. With the sound sensitive mode the electric lines react to sound/music instead.

The rainbow tunnel tanks have RGB LEDs and have a reflective surface to create the illusion of a never ending light tunnel!

Uses (4) CR2032 batteries that are included and easily replaced if needed.

WARNING: THIS IS A NOVELTY ITEM ONLY. DO NOT USE IN PLACE OF A REAL GAS MASK. This product will not protect you against harmful gasses.