Red Black and Black Flower Crown Model

Red Black & Black Hippie Halo

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Braided Flower Crown Headband with Alternating Red/Black and Black Flower Blossoms, Fringed with Red Disco Beads. Featuring interchanging Red and Black Petals, the Handcrafted Floral Arrangement is Centered on the Hemp Band, and Knotted to Fit Your Comfort.

We Brought Out the Tape Measure:

  • 34" Natural Hemp Band
  • 2 Red Disco Beads
  • 5 Red/Black // 4 White Florets
  • 2" Flower Width
  • 9¼" From Edge of Band to First Flower

Fastened by the weight of Two Groovy Disco Red Beads, Our Red/Black and White Braided Flower Crown remains comfortably secure around your head with even the simplest of knots, ensuring you look your best your favorite festival.

Perfect as your newest summer accessory for ANY party or music festival!

*Send us an email at for any Custom Order Request! Please use "Custom Flower Headband Order Request" in the Subject Line.

**We can create nearly-any combination that fits your style.