RYG Rasta LED Glove Set

Rave Gloves


These microlight glove sets are incredible for festivals, parties, raves, bars, or anywhere you take your hands with you! These awesome light combo’s will have the crowd in awe, if they don’t mesmerize you first! This LED Glove set coe with one Pair of Black gloves (White tips) And 10 Microlights in either Tripz or MicroMax. The Rasta set comes with 10 3 color microlights (Red, Yellow, and Green) In your choice of Ribbon (solid streaks) or Strobe (Dashed pattern while in motion). Mixed (5 ribbon and 5 strobe), or 6 mode lights.

Now that you’ve figured out which lights you’d like, go ahead and add some extra diffusers to spread that brilliant lightshow color even further. If you’re worried about running out of juice for those sweet lights grab an extra set of batteries!

If you’ve got any questions about the lights or glove, feel free to use our contact form and ask about them!

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