Paradise Dropz Orbital
Paradise Dropz Orbit
4-Light LED Orbit Adapter

Beach Ball LED Light Orbit

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Create your own Custom LED Orbit or choose from one of the amazing pre-made sets we offer. Our selection of the brightest and highest quality lights come in a variety of different colors and settings. Orbits are a must have rave accessory and great for entertainment on the dance floor. The 4-light orbits come preassembled in a special orbit adapter that doesn't use zip ties or screws and each light has an easy on/off switch.

We guarantee our quality, if you have any issues with dysfunctional lights please contact us immediately.

The 4-light Paradise Custom Orbit comes with:

1x Purple Solid

1x Green Solid

1x Orange Solid

1x Blue Solid

Now you have the option of adding a set of 4 diffusers to your lights! Diffusers will spread the light and create an even more brilliant light show!