Light Up Spiral Rave Glasses

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Awesome and Rare you may be the only person at your next party with these Spiral LED Rave Glasses!

These Rave glasses contain three different modes to light up your night.

1st Mode - Fast Strobe

2nd Mode - Slow Strobe, + Inner Spiral flashing at an alternate pace to the outer spiral!

3rd Mode - Random Flashes (Inner and outer spiral flash in different patterns, sometimes in unison with each other, other times opposit to each other)

These LED Glasses also come in 5 color choices:

1. Frame Color + LED Color RED

2. Frame Color + LED Color BLUE

3. Frame Color + LED Color GREEN

4. CLEAR Frame + BLUE outer Spiral LEDs and GREEN inner spiral LEDs

5. CLEAR Frame + RED outer Spiral LEDs and BLUE inner spiral LEDs


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