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The amazingly beautiful mini hoops are just what you need for any concert, festival or even a party with friends. You will receive 2 LED mini hoops with each order in your choice of design. Mini hoops are a bit harder to use than regular hoops and are for more of a poi-style performance, letting you create incredible weaves, flowers tosses and isos. The mini hoops use the same durable and light wieght HDPE tubing like the rest of the hoops for ensured quality. It's flexible and can withstand impact very well. The lights and counterweights make your hoop very evenly balanced and the battery and LEDs are tightly secured making it rattle free! Read below for details on each mini hoop style.

Please make sure to read our WARRANTY INFO PAGE.

Mini Hula Hoop Size/Details: 20 in. outer diameter, 5/8 in. outer diameter tubing, weighs 8.5oz., contains 12 LED's (only available in certain hoop combinations).


Mini Hoop Styles:

Juicy Fruit- Uses fast blending rainbow LEDs mixed with pink/yellow/blue strobes.

Wanderlust- incredible pink/white/green strobes are paired with slow blending rainbow LEDs.

Atomic- Ribbons and strobes of blue, white, green and UV LEDs create a cool and fresh mini hoop (+$5)

Neon Hummingbird- Shimmering UV/white/blue ribbons with hot pink LED strobes (+$5)

Electric Sun- Glowing orange and amber strobes fuse with dots of blue/white/green (+$10)

Lollipop- Has a repeating pattern of hot pink, orange, lime yellow, green, blue and purple LEDs (+$10)

Rainbow Nebula- A beautiful burst of rainbow colors, you have to see it in motion to know the true beauty (+$10)

Sherbert- Vibrant rainbow trails created by 7-color LEDs are chilled down with white strobes (+$10)

Sunset- Warm up with red/white/purple mixed with hot pink and orange LEDs all in strobe (+$10)


Rechargable Batteries and wall charger included with each order! Please read the battery safety and info page for our LED Hula Hoops!


Need your hoop shipped quick? Choose from our different shipping options!

-Standard Shipping – ships within 5 business days takes 3-6 business days once in transit.

-Priority (+$10)- ships within 3 business days takes 2-4 business days once in transit.

-Express (+$40)- ships within 2 business days takes 1-2 business days once in transit.

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