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New on the market, LED fluffy leg warmers and club wear is quickly evolving into high tech gear but still staying simple to use. These new LED fluffy leg warmers are absolutely incredible!!! Each pair of fluffy leg warmers comes with 12 individual LED lights with 8 differnt light modes and replacement batteries. The lights are removable which is great so you can rearrange the lights how you'd like, use them on other items AND that means your fluffy leg warmers are machine washable! The backing on the lights are super secure to ensure no loses on the dance floor. Another amazing quality to these fluffy leg warmers is that the lights aren't connect to a main power box, giving you the ease and comfort of regular fluffy leg warmers but supercharged with LED lights that you can set each individual light to which ever mode you choose! Like all Indyglo fluffy leg warmers, they are super soft and made with top quality long-plie faux fur and stretchy lyrca for the knee bands. (Most fluffy leg warmers are UV reactive too!)

For Fluffy Leg Warmer care simply machine wash them on cold (household detergent can be added if you prefer) and let them air dry on a flat surface or on a line (Do not tumble dry them!) then give them a good brushing with a wide tooth brush to fluff them up!! ***MAKE SURE YOU REMOVE THE LED LIGHTS BEFORE WASHING***

Customize your fluffy leg warmers by choosing your own knee band color!

These fluffies are made to order, just for you! This means they may take up to 5 days to ship and are then imported. Although most leg warmers are delivered in around 1 week, due to customs they could take up to 3 weeks. They are definitely worth the wait though for the price and quality! Wondering about sizes? The small fluffies fit most girls and are 21" tall with a 11" wide opening.

Choose between over 70 Knee Bands!

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