Juicy Rave Outfit -UV Yellow/Turquoise

Juicy Rave Outfit - UV Yellow/Turquoise

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A simple classic design is made exciting with this Juicy rave outfit. The bright contrasting colors pop and the faux fur trim adds a little whimsy to this amazing rave outfit. The Juicy rave outfit comes complete with 9' skirt with super soft UV Yellow and turquoise faux fur and matching halter top with faux fur lining the neckline. Add the matching fluffy leg warmers or fuzzy cuffs to tie it all together! Our outfits are made only from the highest quality fabrics and faux furs.

Outfit Includes:

Faux fur trimmed skirt and matching halter top.

Optional Items:

Matching Fluffy Leg Warmers and/or Matching Fuzzy Cuffs

Care: Hand wash in cold water then line dry.

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