Josie Loves Jvalentine One Eyed Monster Front

One-Eyed Monster Romper Women's Halloween Costume

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The Josie Loves J-Valentine One-Eyed Monster Romper women’s Halloween Costume features lime green, faux fur providing comfort and flexibility. Providing matching and optional cuddle, faux fur leg-warmers and stretch metallic cuddle hood, each edition offers ease of accessibility, alternative styles and well-padded under-boots, delivering consistent padding for Halloween parties, rave events and EDM shows. Optional and matching one-eyed monster gloves are streamlined with inclusive light pink, neon yellow and off-white for a unilateral appearance. Coloration works well beneath blacklights, and divided arm and leg-warmers provide ample space for coolness and additional, stylistic, additions. Outfit Includes:Lime green tie-back halterOptional stretch-metallic wire flexible tongueOptional stretch-metallic one-eyed monster hoodOptional cuddle, faux fur monster gloves