Indyglo LED Luminosity Dress


The Ultimate in LED Club wear! This luminosity dress will have you glowing all night. This innovative new style of LED club wear is taking over. Easily choose from 4 different light modes (steady bright glow and three different flashing modes) to suit your style. The battery pack is discreetly located under the front fur panel at the top of the dress so it's easily accessible too! The dress is powered by 2 AA batteries and lasts about 6 hours. You can add your own accessories within the glow straps to create your own unique look. The dress is made up of pearl shine white fabric and is UV reactive. Another great thing about this dress is that the battery pack and lights can be removed for safe washing and can be threaded back into the dress. ***Make sure all lights and battery pack are removed before washing***

LED Fluffies are included with the dress! The lights can be easily moved by unpinning and pinning them where you would like them. Each LED is individualy powered and has 8 different color changing modes.

Batteries Included and all batteries are replaceable

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