Electro Skeleton Hands
Left: Strobe Green Right : Strobe Blue & White
Strobe Red and Orange
slow change
all color strobe and red orange
Strobe green, blue, and white
all color solid
slow mode color change
all strobe
strobe and solid color
all color
blue & white and  red & orange

Electro Skeleton Hands LED Gloves

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Instead of spending money on microlights that you have to stuff in your rave gloves and turn on individually, try a pair of pre-made Electro Skeleton Hands! They contain six modes, three of which produces extremely intense lightshows! Modes: These modes include OBGWR Strobe mode Slow color fade mode (produces several colors while fading from Orange and Red to Blue and White to Green) OBGWR Solid mode (Orange, Blue, Green, White, and Red all at once). Strobe Orange and Red Strobe White and Blue Strobe Green.