PiYB Dreamscape LED Glove Set

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Pictures just can't do these microlights justice. These incredible LED microlights come together in amazing color combos to create the best custom LED glove sets and light shows. This custom glove set comes with a pair of gloves and 10 microlights in your choice of either Tripz or MicroMax microlights. The Dreamscape set comes with 10 3-Color microlights in PINK, BLUE and YELLOW lights in your choice of all Ribbon (solid color), All Strobe (dotted pattern when in motion) or Mixed (5 Ribbon and 5 Strobe). Read below for descriptions of each type of microlight.

Now you have the option of adding light diffusers to your LED glove set! Get a diffuser for each microlight in your glove set and it will spread the color and create an even more brilliant LED light show!

Worried about your microlights running out of juice? Don't! Order extra batteries right here from us!

--Tripz Mircolights--
1. Tripz microlights are high quality and used for professional grade gloves! They are reliable mircolights and produce incredible light shows.
2. Tripz use a pressure sensitive on/off switch making it super easy to turn on the microlight or change the setting. This way you don’t have to worry about the switch sliding on/off.
3. Comes with a very durable but soft rubbery casing, making a comfortable but strong glove set.
4. No more worries when replacing the battery, they are loaded in from the back and won’t break the circuit board.

--MicroMax Microlights--

1. These little microlights are perfect for glove sets! MicroMax are small but powerful LED microlights.
2. Micromax microlights use a pressure sensitive on/off switch making it ideal for glove sets. They are very easy to turn on or switch settings and you don't have to worry about the switch sliding on/off.
3. The casing is made of a very durable soft rubber and they are the smallest mircolights around, less than 1 inch in length.
4. Changing the battery has never been as easy, just slid the back out and replace!

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