Foldable Rainbow Vision Diffraction Glasses


These awesome foldable rainbow vision diffraction lenses make it even easier to carry the rainbow in your pocket! They fold up extra small, almost like a monocle for your convenience. Rainbow vision glasses use specialized lenses to create a bursting rainbow effect of every light you see. The white frames come in the classic wayferer style frames. The clear lenses have the special diffraction effect on them making them super sturdy, no more of that taped on stuff. With the neat foldable design you don't have to worry about smashing you glasses either, they can just fold down! Also the effect isn't too over powering so you can wear them at parties, raves, concerts, music festivals and so much more!!


Although the lenses are clear please note that they do impair your vision to a point. Do not operate a vehicle, transportation device or machinery while wearing these glasses. Please always keep your personal safety and safety of others in mind!

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