Dropz LED Micro Light

Glove Lights

Mode and Color Combination Options
1C Ribbon White
1C Ribbon Warm White
1C Ribbon Light Blue
1C Ribbon Blue
1C Ribbon Purple (UV)
1C Ribbon Orange
1C Ribbon Pink
1C Ribbon Red
1C Ribbon Turquoise
1C Ribbon Green
1C Strobe White
1C Strobe Warm White
1C Strobe Light Blue
1C Strobe Purple (UV)
1C Strobe Orange
1C Strobe Pink
1C Strobe Red
1C Strobe Turquoise
1C Strobe Green
2C Strobe Blue, Orange
2C Strobe Pink, Warm White
2C Strobe Blue, Warm White
2C Strobe Purple (UV), Green
2C Strobe Blue, Green
2C Strobe Purple (UV), White
2C Strobe Purple (UV), Pink
2C Strobe Green, White
2C Strobe Pink, Yellow
3C Ribbon Red, Green, Blue
3C Ribbon Red, White, Blue
3C Ribbon Red, White, Green
3C Ribbon Purple (UV), White, Green
3C Ribbon Orange, White, Green
3C Ribbon Green, Blue, White
3C Strobe Red, Green, Blue
3C Strobe Pink, Dark Orange, Green
3C Strobe Pink, Green, Blue
3C Strobe Orange, White, Green
3C Strobe Purple (UV), White, Green
3C Strobe Green, Blue, White
3C Strobe Pink, Orange, Purple (UV)
3C Strobe Purple (UV), White, Blue
6C Strobe Purple (UV), Red, Green, Yellow, Turquoise, Blue
6C Strobe Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple (UV)
6C Strobe Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Purple (UV)
6C Strobe Pink, White, Yellow, Turquoise, Orange, Blue
1C Ribbon Enlightened Yellow
1C Ribbon Lawn Green
3C Ribbion Yellow, White, Green
1C Strobe Enlightened Yellow
1C Strobe Lime Green
1C Strobe Yellow
3C Ribbon Yellow White Green
3C Ribbon Purple White Green
3C Ribbon Purple White Blue
2C Ribbon White Blue
2C Ribbon Blue Green
2C Ribbon Purple Green
2C Ribbon Pink White
2C Ribbon Purple Red
2C Ribbon Pink Green
These micro light are perfect for light shows, because although they produce stunning bright light they do not burn the eye! They have diffused lenses that spread the light instead of pointing intense beams right into peoples eyes. They are specifically designed for ravers, and with numerous color options they are sure to please every ravers color desire! Color options come in one color, two color, or six color. These options are contained in one 5mm bulb with one setting. Since these lights have one setting they come in two options Ribbon, or Strobe. The Ribbon lights have no gaps between each color of light, resulting in a solid ribbon of color (just solid color for the single color options) The Strobe lights have holes in gaps between the colors of lights creating a dotz effect when in motion. Buy 10 or more for gloveset pricing of just $3.45 each!

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