Multicolored Camo Faux Fur By the Yard - 1 Yard

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If you're looking for some faux fur for crafting your own outfits, blankets, jackets, pillows, clothing, bags, outerwear, club wear or more.

This fur is luxurious and soft, and can fill many needs!

Fabric Details:

Made from 100% Synthetic Materials (No Animals!)

Width: 60''

Pile Length: 3''

No Stretch

Sold in Continuous Yards

Cleaning And Care Instructions:

When cleaning this fabric, hand clean with a damp cloth. We do not advise using a Washing machine, or Dryer. When you receive the fur it should be shaken out so that all of the loose fibers fall free. The fake fur will still look very full and luxurious.

Additional Info:

As we sell this fur by the yard, if you order more than 1 yard it will be continuous yardage, if you need more specific cuts feel free to contact us and we'll help you out as best we can.

Due to the nature of the bright colors and very vibrant furs it's hard to capture an image that represents the real life product. We've done our very best to show what the product actually looks like. If you've got any concerns with the fur colors please let us know and we can work out sending you a small sample.

Any of the furs with the following colors are UV Reactive and will illuminate brightly under a black-light:

Neon Yellow

Hot Pink



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