Black Frame Single Cartridge Gas Mask

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This is a fully custom-built-for-you LED steampunk gas mask that is very rare! There is a very high chance you will be the only person at your next party with one of these! This gas mask is brightly lit with LEDs of your color choice!

The Mask Color is Black.

Very Bright LED flashing lights with 4 different flashing modes! (Alternating, back and forth, blinking, and rotating)

If you choose Our Unique 3d Rainbow LED Cartridge, which has a mirror like finish and a deep 3D appearance, it will look great even if the LED’s are off. The modes on these Cartridges are: RGB Strobe RGB Slow Multicolor morph RGB Super Bright Solid Lit Flashing color selection Solid Blue

It has an adjustable elastic band to allow the right fit for anyone.

This mask is very easy to breathe in (contrary to its appearance).

Uses (4) CR2032 batteries that are included and easily replaced if needed.

WARNING: THIS IS A NOVELTY ITEM ONLY. DO NOT USE IN PLACE OF A REAL GAS MASK. This product will not protect you against harmful gasses.

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