BWG Aquatic Coma LED Glove Set

Rave Gloves,Custom Glovesets

Pictures just can't do these microlights justice. These incredible LED microlights come together in amazing color combos to create the best glove sets and light shows. This glove set comes with a pair of gloves and 10 microlights in Dropz, The Aquatic Coma set comes with 10 3-Color microlights in BLUE, WHITE and GREEN lights in your choice of all Ribbon (solid color), All Strobe (dotted pattern when in motion) or Mixed (5 Ribbon and 5 Strobe). 6 Mode lights availble in Tripz and MicroMax! Read below for descriptions of each type of microlight.

Now you have the option of adding light diffusers to your glove set! Get a diffuser for each microlight in your glove set and it will spread the color and create an even more brilliant LED light show!

Worried about your microlights running out of juice? Don't! Order extra batteries right here from us!

-Dropz Microlights--

1. Dropz are small microlights with incredible power!
2. Dropz have an easy to use sliding on/off switch. They only have one setting for each light and come in either a ribbon or strobe.
3. The microlight casing is made of a hard durable plastic. The battery is enclosed inside and can be access by unscrewing the casing.
4. They have a diffused lens so they spread the light and won't shine in a direct beam, this way it won't hurt your eyes. Also they create an amazing light show.

NEW 6 MODE LIGHTS FOR TRIPZ AND MICROMAX ONLY!!! Get them in your gloves for only $10.00 more! Mode 1: Strobe 3 colors Mode 2: Strobe Fade through colors Mode 3: Strobe all on Mode 4: Long Strobe color #1 Mode 5: Long Strobe color #2 Mode 6: Long Strobe color #3

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