5 Mw Laser Pointer in Red Green or Blue

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Need a laser pointer? everyone does! Now if you need a laser pointer with an assortment of caps that will turn your pen laser into a fantastic lightshow, than look no further. These Light pens come with the option of 6 additional Caps, we recommend this greatly as its a dazzling array that will keep you entertained for hours. The caps have the following kaleidoscopic designs, Starfield, Dot Matrix, Spherical, Diamond in the sky, and square. The pointer itself unscrews into two individual pieces that make for ease of carrying. It takes 2 AAA Batteries that will last for a long time. It measures at 6'' when the pieces are combined and just under 6.5'' after adding one of the effects caps. These awesome lasers are 5MW in power and come in your choice of Red - 650nm +- 10 Green - 532nm +-10 Blue/purple - 405nm +- 10 The Blue/Purple laser pen works as a UV Light for drawing on UV Reactive clothing, or simply illuminating neon and UV Reactive colors. WARNING: Do not point this at your eyes or anyone elses, inlcuding pets, it is harmful and may cause loss of vision. As such, This is not a toy for children. Please be responsible with your laser pointers.

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