"Rave"tacular Videos


Do you have what it takes to get attention online??? Can you make some wicked light shows or show off your rave outfit and get views!? If so you can earn free lights and other great stuff! 

Just upload a rave related video to YouTube and include "www.rave-nation.com" in the title of any rave related video. Then include http://www.rave-nation.com at the top of the description. After uploading, immediately send a link of the video to raversunite@rave-nation.com

Prizes are based on views so when emailing us make sure to include the exact number of views your video has at that time. Our information must stay in the title and description at all times. You can redeem your views for any product on our site at a rate of $5 per 500 views! 500 views is the minimum cash in amount, but after that any increment can be used for awesome toys/apparel! Videos can also be uploaded to the Rave-Nation channel for higher earnings of $7.50 per 500 views.

Support the Nation!

All you need to do is select an easy to remember coupon code and then pass it around online or in person, people who use that coupon code will save 5% on their order - and you'll get 5% too! 

The process is quite simple, and more then worth your time! You can even use it on your own order :)

  1. Register with us and pick your custom coupon code by contacting us at raversunite@rave-nation.com
  2. You refer customers to rave-nation.com by business cards, flyers, raves, forums, email, banners, word of mouth etc
  3. Visitors browse through Rave-Nation.com and add products to their carts
  4. The visitor then uses your custom coupon code and saves money!
  5. Contact Us at raversunite@rave-nation.com to view your available point balance.
  6. That's all there is to it! Use your credit in increments of $5 to redeem the products you want!