Want to get involved with the Rave Nation...and get PAID?

We are considering fully implementing a "PLUR Points" Program, which would work similarly to other Rewards Points system...BUT WITH A TWIST!

Our PLUR Points would be aimed at ravers getting involved with the Nation in a variety of ways, earning PLUR Points redeemable for rave gear and/or CASH, but we need your feedback.

Want to make $5 in store credit? Simply continue reading this info and then send us your feedback on our "Contact Us" page.


Heres how it would work, earn specific amounts of points depending on your level. Advance to a higher level to earn more points!


Group One "Kandi Kid"

Facebook Posts - 5 pts per post

Product Reviews - 10 pts per review


To advance to the next group:

Earn 50 pts, and post at least 4 facebook posts and a least 3 product reviews


Group Two "Raging Raver"

Facebook Posts - 10 pts

Twitter Posts - 5 pts

Pinterist Posts - 5 pts

Product Reviews - 15 pts


To advance to the next group:

Earn 300 pts total, and at least 10 new facebook posts, 5 new product reviews, and any combination of 5 Twitter and Pinterist Posts

OR 300 pts and at least 10 product reviews and any combination of social media posts (Total)


Group 3 "Hardcore Raver"

Facebook Posts - 15 pts

Twitter Posts - 10 pts

Pinterist Posts - 10 pts

Google+ - 10 pts

Product Reviews - 20 pts

Birthday Points - 500 pts

Get a Unique Referral/Discount Code to share with friends - 5% commission (in points, on first order of any friend)


To advance to the final group:

Earn $100 in total commission via your Unique Discount Code, and at least 15 new product reviews, at least 100 social media posts


Group 4 "PLURfessional"

Your Unique Referral Code now earns you 10% on any first order, plus 5% on ALL RETURNING FRIENDS ORDERS


Some of the ways to earn PLUR Points:

Post about Rave-Nation or about your favorite Rave-Nation product(s) on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+

Post honest Product Reviews and Ratings on Rave-Nation.com

Post about us on other sites across the Internet such as: Forums, Blogs, Yahoo Answers.

Comment on our "Rave Articles"

Write your own Rave Related Article to share with the world!

Use a "Discount Code" unique to you and share it with your friends for everyone to earn PLUR Points

Be selected as one of our Sponsored Ravers, Artists, DJs


We want to hear from as many RAVERS and PARTIERS as possible. If you're interested in the PLUR Points program, have any suggestions/ideas, or any constrctive criticsm, we would LOVE to hear it! Please contact us to let us know. As a small token of our appreciation, every person who sends us feedback will receive $5 in store credit :)


Peace; Love; Unity; and Respect,

The Rave-Nation Team