To enter "Beads in a Jar" contest, make a guess of how many beads you think are in the shown jar. Closest guesses win the prizes stated below. Contestants are entered into contest when they post a coment containing a guess of how many beads they think are in the jar. Contestants can place a guess on Facebook, (!!!!more!!!!).

No Purchase Necessary to Enter Contest

First place prize is $50 instore credit. (or $100 if contestant has purchased from Rave Nation with in duration of contest)

Second place prize is $20 instore credit.

Anybody following Rave Nation Facebook page or Instagram who guesses the number of heart beads in the shown jar, are entered to win $50 in store credit to One guess per person will be accepted. Contest will run until 9PM March 14, 2015 Mountain Standard Time. The person or persons with closest/correct guess will be declared after that date in a timely manner. In the case of multiple correct answers, all contestants who entered closest/correct number will be entered into a second “Beads in a Jar guess off” where an alternate jar with different beads will be presented. Process will continue until one winner is declared. Second round Contestants are responsible for placing guesses to second Beads in a Jar guess offs and any additional Beads in a Jar Guess offs within four days after each accruing round. Runner up will receive $20 in store credit.