Battery Info:

 Our LED hoops us a special kind of batteries that can light up your hoop.  They use lithium-ion batteries that can’t be found in local stores and we recommend you buy batteries from us online.  The batteries are rechargeable but if they are not charged up after uses or get a lot of use out of them, they’ll need to be replaced.  It’s always a good idea to get extra batteries. 

Battery Safety:

Please remember to follow good battery care and safety to keep your hoop working great.  Always purchase new batteries when yours start to experience wear and tear.  Broken, damaged or ruptured batteries can start fires!  Always examine your batteries before use and never use a damaged battery in your hoop. 


Some common damages that can occur in batteries are:

Plastic pealing off the sides, top, bottom of your battery.

The circuit on the battery is falling off or detached.

Exposure to water and rust or discoloration showing around the ends of the battery

Battery leaks electrolyte solution. 

Exposure to heat or if your battery gets extremely hot.

If ANY of those damages occur discontinue use IMEDIATLEY.   

Do not store your batteries in a hot area (cars, tents, etc.) or direct sunlight and do not store it in pockets, bags or purses with keys or coins.  The metal could short-circuit it.  Remember to keep it in its battery case while being transported.  Do NOT leave it in the hoop while not in use or to transport.  Do not heat, incinerate, reverse the polarity or remove the outer plastic wrapping of the battery.  Remember to keep batteries away from acidic, alkali or other corrosive environments. 


Battery Care:

Although our batteries are rechargeable you will need to replace them over time.  We have provided some tips to maximize your battery life.  Batteries that aren’t properly cared for can last only a few months to a few uses.

Keep your battery properly charged in between uses.  Do not let it sit uncharged for long periods of time, it will lose its capacity.

Always keep your batteries in the case when not in the hoop or charging, especially during transportation.

Try not to throw or drop your battery to keep plastic cover in tact.

Do not hoop with your battery in the hoop if the hoop is in the off position.

When your battery has completely died, please return it to us for safe recycling. 


Battery Charging:

Lithium-ion batteries are very powerful so please use caution when charging and using them. 

Do not leave charging batteries unattended.

Do not use your hoop batteries for anything else.

Do not use any other charger except the one provided with your batteries.

Do not use the charger in a wet environment.

Remember to use the charger on non-flammable surfaces.  Do not charge it on carpet, wood surface or car seats.  Chargers often become warm while charging.

Make sure your charger is firmly plugged into the outlet and in a sturdy safe spot.

After charging is complete, do not store your battery in the charger.