Fiber Optic Light Up Vest

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This vest is fiber optic and lights up via a rechargeable battery pack. The battery pack can be controlled via an included remote, or by pressing the mode button. The vest is a nice white color when unlit and looks amazing whether its on or off!

The battery pack also comes with an included USB Cable for charging, charge it on your computer, or with a phone charger! This vest has Red, Green, Blue, and White and all of the colors in between. You can choose to strobe, flash, fade, or have a nice smooth transition between the colors! You can also choose you favorite solid lit color and leave it!

There's 2 interior pockets for storing your valuables, as well as a smaller more hidden pocket for the battery pack. The exterior has no pockets (Despite it's appearance, the small black strips are for fashion)

Please contact us if you need sizing information! (Depending on the size and availability this vest may take 2-3 weeks to arrive, It's best to contact us about availability before ordering)

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