Rave Gloves

Rave gloves are one of the most crowd pleasing rave accessories and it is no mystery why! Bright and literally in your face entertainment, raves would not be the same without LED gloves. Completely customize your own glove set with our wide selection of mirco lights or shop around and choose from simple glove sets for beginners all the way to the Tripz Xfusion color changing LED gloves. Each set comes with a pair of comfortable and soft gloves in either black or white. We use Tripz and Dropz micro lights in our gloves to ensure you are getting the highest quality LED gloves. Also you can choose from a beautiful smooth ribbon setting, where the light continuously glows, a strobe setting for a more intense flashing effect or mix it up and get some of each in your rave gloves! With so many different colors to choose from it'll be hard to buy just one pair! The great thing about rave gloves is that they are super easy to use. Anyone can pick up a pair of rave gloves and instantly become the life of the party, although it does require practice to give a professional light show.
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