Light Up LED Curved Spike Gas Mask

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3d RGB
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Grab this hand assembled and very unique Cyber Goth Respirator now! It’s got an amazing look whether it’s on or off, and will definitely be the highlight of your cybergoth attire. There’s 4 one inch chrome spikes for a nice aggressive feel, and when paired with the 3d RGB’s shows an amazing array of contrasting chrome and black. This mask is an amazing night-show piece, but also looks great during the daytime.

Add an extra set of light cartridges for ultimate versatility, this would give you two different colors of cartridge that you can mix and match, as well as provide you unique color combinations. For additional useability in dusty environments (We’re looking at you burners!) We offer dust filters as an additional option, the mask is still very easy to breath in and will filter all the small particles you don’t want in your mouth!

Below is more information pertaining to our light cartridges.

If you choose Our amazing mirror finished 3D RGB Cartridge, you'll have a blast with the infinite effect it provides.

Each cartridge has 3 L1154 Batteries that can easily be replaced.
The modes on these Cartridges are:

  • Flashing color selection Solid Blue, Solid Green, or Solid Red
  • RGB Slow Multicolor morph
  • RGB Strobe
  • RGB Super Bright Solid Lit (All colors lit)

If you choose Green Lights or RGB Lights, than you will receive our Star-Patterned LED Cartridges.

These lights have 6 individual led's inside that light up according to the selected pattern.
The cartridges carry 2x CR2032 batteries each that can easily be replaced. The modes you can select are as follows :

  • Blinking/Rotating
  • Strobe blinking
  • Rotating

If you choose White, Blue, Pink, Red, or Orange Lights you will receive Our Single LED Light Cartridges.

These lights have a single LED that brightly illuminates the entire light and will vary depending on the selected pattern.
These cartridges have 3 AG10 batteries each that can be replaced if need be.
The modes you can select are as follows:

  • Fast Blinking
  • Slow Blinking
  • Solid Lit

WARNING: These are NOT a safety device, This respirator is intended to be used as a novelty or costume product and will NOT filter harmful gasses.

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